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Croissants and Viennoiseries

Croissant varieties and other yeasted dough goodness


Plain Croissant (4)

No introduction needed for this viennoiserie staple. You know the cues: buttery, flaky and dare we add, so, so fresh!


Image of Plain Croissant (4)


Chocolate Croissant (4)

Croissant met chocolate, croissant wrapped itself around chocolate, the rest is history…


Image of Chocolate Croissant (4)


Almond Croissant (4)

A flaky, buttery croissant filled with a delicious almond paste and topped with almond slices. A wonderful way to add a twist to our buttery croissant.


Image of Almond Croissant (4)


Pistachio Croissant (4)

Pistachio cream filling, with an additional heaping of toasted pistachio bits on top it off. Truly one of a kind in the area


Image of Pistachio Croissant (4)


Raspberry Croissant (4)

Our signature croissant dough is filled with an onctuous raspberry compote.


Image of Raspberry Croissant (4)


Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant (4)

Our homemade chocolate hazelnut spread, topped with crunchy cocoa nibs


Image of Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant (4)


Assorted Croissants

Mix and match from our selection


Image of Assorted Croissants


Pain aux raisins (4)

Often eaten at breakfast in French culture, our raisin roll provides just enough sweetness and creaminess to please your taste buds whether you are in a rush or lingering in the moment.


Image of Pain aux raisins (4)


A Variety of cookies


Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (5)

Our traditional oatmeal raisin cookies are perfect at any time of the day. Crunchy oatmeal chunks, raisins, soft and chewy bite every time


Image of Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (5)


Pandy's Favorite (3)

An exquisite amalgamation of peanut praline, velvety caramel, rich ganache, caramelized hazelnuts and peanuts. Absolutely decadent!!


Image of Pandy's Favorite (3)


Madeleine (4)

The classic recipe of the shell-shaped mini sponge cake which is a cute, simple and yet such a tasty delight, you’ll just keep having one after another…


Image of Madeleine (4)


Chocolate Madeleine (4)

A cute little scalloped-shape, chocolate cake dipped into melted chocolate just to double your pleasure !


Image of Chocolate Madeleine (4)

Sweet and Savory Tartes

Try our signature onion tarte as a savory option or go for one of our popular exquisite desserts.


Pear Almond Tarte

Also known as a bourdaloue in French. This is a traditional tarte with almond cream filling and pears.


Image of Pear Almond Tarte


Apple Tarte

Our buttery sweet crust, almond cream and apple compote, topped with sliced apples to create this intricate flower pattern.


Image of Apple Tarte


Sunny Crumble

A delightful way to spruce up fresh seasonal fruit, our almond-crust sunny crumble is the perfect treat for any occasion.


Image of Sunny Crumble


Alsatian Tarte

This wonderful pie comes to us from Alsace in western France and starts with a luxurious layer of almond cream on our tart crust, followed by roasted apples, which are covered with a special Alsatian mixture and topped with a rich almond paste that forms a delicious crust after baking. This is no ordinary apple pie!


Image of Alsatian Tarte


Onion Tarte

One of our favorite savory dishes, this classic French onion tart needs no introduction


Image of Onion Tarte


Raspberry Tarte

Raspberries on top of raspberries, pastry cream, and more raspberries.


Image of Raspberry Tarte

Winter Menu

A selection of our current offerings for the season.
Size Guide ---- Personal Feeds: 1-2 | 7" Feeds: 4-5 | 8" Feeds:
6-8 | 9" Feeds: 10-12

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